Technical possibilities

In our work we use a well-equipped Measurement Laboratory and Workshop which enable us to carry out projects from the concept to production phase.

Our technological facilities enable us to carry out work in the field of:

  • design of printed circuit boards (PCBs),
  • design of mechanical elements and assemblies,
  • precise assembly of electronics,
  • 3D printing of prototype elements and small series of components,
  • machining of enclosures and device elements,
  • comprehensive testing of devices,
  • calibration of measurement signal chains (measurements of electrical quantities, temperature and pressure in ranges suitable for biomedical applications),
  • assessment of near-field EMI emissions,
  • signal analysis in embedded systems.

We measure electrical and non-electrical parameters on the following high-end laboratory equipment:

    • RIGOL – DSO/MSO oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzer with a set of EMC probes, arbitrary waveform generator, programmable power supply, electronic load
    • Keysight Technologies – best-in-class 6.5-digit DMMs
    • GW Instek – precision laboratory LCR bridge
    • PeakTech, Chung Instrument Electronics – handheld multimeters
    • Termoprodukt – precision reference thermometer
    • ACCOSON – precision reference pressure meter (high-end NIBP callibrator)
    • UNIT-T – laboratory power supply, infrared thermometers

In addition: logic state analyzers, function and RF generators and other.

We carry out our design works using the highest-class CAD / EDA software:

  • Altium Designer – one of the world’s most advanced electronic design software suites
  • Cadsoft Eagle – another schematic and PCB design software
  • SolidWorks – integrated, efficient 3D CAD environment for mechanical design, simulation and photorealistic visualization

In our work we use desktop and portable computers as well as accessories produced by the following companies:

  • Dell – laptops, screens and peripherals
  • Asus – laptops i and desktop computers
  • MSI – design workstation
  • 3Dconnexion – 3D mouse
  • Hewlett Packard, Eizo, Philips, AOC – screens
  • Logitech – peripherals

We perform assembly and service of devices, as well as mechanical processing of enclosures and mechanical elements using tools from:

  • Bosch – power tools for basic mechanical works
  • Proxxon – precision microtools for machining, haircut jigsaw, hand tools
  • YATO – professional sets of hand tools, micrometer
  • XYtronic – soldering equipment
  • Optek – stereo microscope with four-zone light ring for precision works
  • LIMIT – electronic calipers, other measuring equipment
In addition: oil-free compressor, automatic dispenser, reflow soldering equipment, soldering fume extractor, etc.

We use FFF/FDM 3D printing technology for production of smaller mechanical components using printers from:

  • Prusa Research – versatile 3D printers for production purposes
  • Creality – FFF 3D printer for rapid prototyping
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