IMER Systems was established on October 1, 2016. From the very beginning, the company focused on the development of medical devices and scientific instrumentation used in applied and industrial research. Below we present selected events from the company’s history.

1.10.2016 Establishment of the company
02.2018 Cooperation
Research in endothelial function

We have started a wide-ranging cooperation aimed at developing a new, non-invasive method of vascular endothelial testing.

03.2018 Cooperation
Cooperation with Wroclaw Medical University

We have started a cooperation with the Wroclaw Medical University by implementing the first measuring device developed for angiologists from the University Hospital in Wroclaw - the G-2290 goniometer.

05.2018 Patent grant
Our first patent granted

We have received a patent granted for an invention called Method and device for measuring vascular system parameters.

07.2018 Patent grant
Patent for the digital 6MWT system

We have received a patent granted for an invention called Method and apparatus for performing 6-minute walking test.

05.2020 Design office
Expansion of our design facilities

We have invested in the purchase of the latest Altium Designer (EDA) and SolidWorks (3D CAD) design software suites.

07.2020 Research lab

As a part of the further development of our laboratory, we've invested in a bunch of new highest-quality laboratory equipment from Keysight, Rigol i GW Instek.

08.2020 Patent grant
Patent granted for tissue perfusion monitor

We have received a patent granted for an invention called  Method and apparatus for measuring of tissue perfusion.

09.2020 Application
Application of the latest endothelial function monitor

We've completed work on one of the most advanced measuring devices in our portfolio - a high-resolution multi-channel measurement system for measurement of cardiovascular parameters - cvEF3-PRO3.

04.2021 Application
Expansion of research instrumentation for Wroclaw Medical University

We've expanded the system for generating (under)pressure used in research on carotid sinus baroreceptors conducted by the Department of Physiology of the Wrocław Medical University.

08.2021 Application
Application of cutting-edge EF monitor

We have finished work on our latest version of the fully automatic device for measuring the vascular endothelial function - Endo3C.

10.2021 Anniversary
5 years on the market!

In October 2021, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of IMER Systems. It is also a great time to start a large R&D project, integrating our previous design and research experience.

10.2021 InnowacyjnyLekarz.pl
Start of InnowacyjnyLekarz.pl project

As part of the 5th anniversary of IMER Systems, we have launched the InnowacyjnyLekarz.pl project, under which we help polish doctors interested in creating innovations for medicine in an effective transformation of their ideas into a ready-to-implement technology.

12.2021 Application
Application of a newest thermal stimulator

We have completed work on the improved version of our LTHS - an advanced digital thermal stimulator with a thermodynamic recorder function.

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