Many years of experience in the field of medical devices and scientific instrumentation enables us to effectively cooperate with universities, enterprises and consortia interested in developing innovative methods and devices for the medical market. Below we present main areas in which we deal with our daily practice.

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Multimodal cardiovascular diagnostics

Our experience gained in projects in the field of advanced diagnostic techniques (including plethysmography) enables us to acquire subtle biosignal changes at a very high resolution. The acquired measurement data is then analyzed by proprietary DSP algorithms in order to extract information inaccessible when using conventional diagnostic techniques.

Research on endothelial function

Vascular endothelial dysfunction (EF) is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease. IMER Systems conducts extensive research and development works on new, non-invasive methods of EF testing using the custom methods of signal acquisition and analysis.

Peripheral perfusion monitoring

Peripheral blood perfusion monitoring brings a new quality to the medical diagnostics of cardiac patients, constituting an early warning tool against worsening of the existing, serious circulatory disorders. The innovative method of perfusion assessment developed by IMER Systems gives a direct insight into the current condition of the patient from the point of view of the peripheral circulation.

Custom R&D instrumentation

Scientific research requires the use of specialized equipment, often even completely unavailable on the market. That is why a significant part of our activity is focused on providing our customers with “tailor-made” measuring and control equipment as well as extensive test systems dedicated to a specific type of research. We provide custom instrumentation for both physiological research (vascular receptors stimulation, electric stimulation, biosignal acquisition, respiratory gas control systems, etc.) as well as non-medical purposes.

Wearable electronics

Telemedicine is one of the fastest growing areas of medical technology. Small, wearable medical devices with ultra-low power consumption extend the scope of diagnostics and therapy beyond the hospital or doctor’s office, giving the opportunity to continue medical procedures at any location and any moment of the patient’s life.

Measurement systems integration

A common problem faced by our customers in their daily activities is the need to combine many of their devices into one reliable system. At IMER Systems, we offer support in the integration of measurement and control devices consisting of the existing equipment, and if necessary, we expand it with dedicated equipment designed on the client’s request.

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