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Years of cooperation with leading medical universities in Poland have shown us how important it is strong and competent support of innovation from the concept stage. We also know that depending on the type of project, its stage, available resources and facilities, the scope of needs is different for each research. That is why we offer flexible cooperation opportunities in all phases of the development.

1. Concept phase

Together with our Partners we analyse the needs and design possibilities, determine the scope of functionality and the form of the final solution. We make a feasibility analysis and present possible solutions. If necessary, we also carry out an indicative research of the state of the art for the purposes of a patent application.


2. Design phase

Based on the conceptual arrangements, we develop the design of the electronics of the device and its mechanical part. We also propose an enclosure design taking into account ergonomics, reliability and resistance to environmental conditions. We take care to maintain the perfect balance between functionality, comfort and ease of use. In each case, we treat safety issues uncompromisingly, using the highest-class, multi-level protection means and perform a detailed risk analysis.


3. Prototype phase

Working with leading suppliers from Poland and abroad, we produce a prototype of a device or even a small test series. Using our technological facilities, we perform electronics assembly (SMT / THT soldering), optical inspection and electrical tests as well as assembly of the enclosure and mechanical elements along with their final processing.

4. Software/firmware development phase

We develop a complete set of software necessary for the operation of a device or system, depending on the needs:

  • embedded software (firmware) controlling the device processor and additional systems,
  • computer software (desktop) for communication with the device,
  • analytical software for processing measurement data,
  • server software for supporting network communication,
  • mobile applications for the user or operator of the device.


5. Evaluation phase

We closely cooperate with our Partners throughout the duration of usability tests and clinical trials. We continuously monitor the course of research from a technological point of view, implementing modifications suggested by researchers and users if necessary. We provide comprehensive training in using of our devices and software.


6. Release phase

In the case of projects having a commercial potential, we ensure close cooperation in the preparation of the product for certification, we also help ito prepare material for the patent application. For Partners who already have their design or prototype of a device, we offer certification preaudits and if necessary we can redesign or optimize the existing project.


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