About IMER Systems

IMER Systems actively cooperates with specialists in the field of medicine, rehabilitation and biomedical engineering, and the results of the cooperation include innovative research in the field of new medical diagnostic techniques as well as a number of patents and patent applications.

At the same time, the company conducts internal research and development projects and preparations for the release of devices on the Polish market.

The founder of IMER Systems is Eng. Przemyslaw Musz – a graduate of the Wroclaw University of Technology in Biomedical Engineering (specialization: Medical Electronics) and the Collegium Medicum of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun in the field of Electroradiology. He specializes in the design and testing of electronic devices, in particular medical equipment, mixed-signal measurement circuits and the acquisition and processing of biosignals, as well as in the design and programming of embedded systems.

Author and co-author of five patents, two polish and two international patent applications, as well as many scientific publications and conference papers. Participant of trainings in the field of medical device certification, design of high speed and RF printed circuits boards and programming of ultra-low power microcontrollers. Member of Scientific Committee at the 16 IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering (Florence, 2016).

He published over 60 technical articles in Practical Electronics (Elektronika Praktyczna) – polish magazine for hardware developers. Currently he is also an Editor-in-Chief of the magazine.

Privately, a fan of electronics, jazz, history of medicine, bionics, portrait and aerial photography, macrophotography and modernist architecture.

Medicine doctor working with modern computer interface.Modern medical technologies concept

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